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 Stiff White Taklon – Long Handles For Oil, Water Mixable Oil and Acrylic

Silver Brush Bristlon Brushes A breakthrough brush for all media, Bristlon is a stiff white synthetic for use in oils, water-mixable oils, caseins and acrylic colors. It has long-lasting interlocked construction and finely chiseled tips, providing excellent resiliency. After every stroke the brush returns perfectly to shape.
Bristlon retains stiffness in water or oil media. Perfect on rough surfaces, Bristlon offers long wear and excellent color control with brush strokes.
Bristlon filaments hold color and release evenly. It is resilient and ideal for heavy bodied colors. Bristlon cleans up with artists’ solvent or water.
Superbly fashioned Bristlon uses the finest construction and material: Seamless nickeled brass ferrules, double epoxy sealed heads, firmly fitted to blue handles with silver tips.
Roz’s review of brushes includes the following about Bristlon-

“If I have a favorite brush for gouache and acrylic this must be it—hence 3 different styles of this brush in the photo. This are bristly and stiff and just perfect for digging in and pushing stiff acrylic paint around, or alternately backing up with light pressure and blending passages of gouache. I wish they had short handles, but otherwise I think these are the perfect brush.
Silver Brush Bristlon Brushes


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