Our Wacky Wednesday Special is 40% off M. Graham watercolor and oils both open stock and sets.  As always the special is only good on Wednesday- in this case September 13, 2017 and only while supplies last.


M. Graham was founded 22 years ago by a couple of artists who shared a passion for quality art supplies.  They mill their paint in small batches in the USA.  M. Graham is focused on green-manufacturing with their manufacturing and products being solvent-free.  100% of their power is purchased through the renewable power option and have  optimized their power use with efficiency lighting, detectors and timers. And they are  buying carbon offsets to balance out the energy they do use.  M Graham’s  production waste is 1% (compared with an industry average of 3%).  The factory wash water waste used for cleaning equipment is recycled and reused for 2 weeks before it is collected, filtered and reclaimed for reuse.  They also purchase real carbon offsets from their power suppliers. Their shop uses no more energy than the average Oregon home.


M. Graham watercolor paints are created with exceptional amounts of pigment with a binding medium of gum arabic and natural blackberry honey.  Honey contributes to the moistness of the paint for a smooth, easily controlled application and increased pigment concentrations.  The honey also helps the watercolor paint to resist hardening on the palette or in the tube.

.Ron Stocke discusses using M. Graham watercolor paint

Ron Stocke uses M. Graham watercolors


M. Graham’s oil paint is made using walnut oil which provides a rich, vibrant color that is naturally more alive and brilliant.  Free flowing and slower drying, M. Graham oil color enables delicate passages of finely blended color that will retain its brilliance over time.

Diane Russell uses M. Graham Oil paints

Diane Russell’s oil paintings using M. Graham paint

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