The Wacky Wednesday Special for July 26, 2017 is 30% off all brushes in stock. Limited to 5 brushes per person and only on the 26th.So how are your brushes?

The Art Cart carries a wide range of brushes for a variety of types of medial and artist styles.   We carry lines of good value brushes, as well as some of the finest brushes made.

For all medias we carry SNAP, Simply Simmons, Jumbo Royal & Langnickel, and Silver Brush Bristlon.

For watercolor artist we carry  Zen Royal & Langnickel, Black Velvet Silver Brush, Escoda Versatil Travel Brush sets, and  Escoda Ultimo Travel Brush Sets.

For the Acrylic & oil artist we carry Royal & Langnickel Royal Sabletek short & Long series, Silver Brush Grand Prix, and Escoda Prado synthetic sable.

Come in and let us help you find the brush you have been looking for- even if you didn’t know it!

Silver Brush Grand Prix brushes

Grand Prix is made exclusively for Silver Brush Limited by master brush makers, using 100% naturally curved Chunking white bristle. This carefully chosen bristle has deeply flagged and interlocked tips for maximum color carrying capacity.
Pure seamless corrosion resistant copper ferrules are double crimped to long matte green lacquered handles. Bristles and handles are both sealed in the ferrule to protect these elegant brushes.

Grand Prix brushes are perfectly balanced and shaped to fit the hand using only the best quality materials, making painting an exciting and stimulating experience.


Escoda travel brush set

An almost perfect imitation of squirrel has been achieved with this artificial hair. Thanks to the special fiber in this ÚLTIMO series, extraordinary softness and a capacity to retain liquids is achieved which is virtually the same as that found in the natural squirrel hair. The Último series could become a synthetic hair benchmark to gradually replace natural hair in the future.



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