The Art Cart has brought in a new product- Marvelous Marianne’s Savvy Soap  Hand and Brush Cleaner.  One of The Art Cart’s partners attended a workshop led by David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, and Jacqueline Kamin.  During the workshop no turps or harsh cleaners where used to clean our brushes.  Only Marvelous Marianne’s Savvy Soap  Hand and Brush Cleaner  was used and it worked!  So we decided to bring it to our customers.

Marvelous Marianne’s Savvy Soap  Hand and Brush Cleaner is earth and skin friendly, USDA certified as bio-based, multifunctional for all paints, printer inks, pastels, and works on brushes, clothes, and hands.   And unlike harsh cleaners that are tough on our brushes, this cleaner conditions your brushes.  We carry it in 2 different sizes-

Savvy Soap Hand and Brush Cleaner

Travel Size 2 oz $4.50

16 oz bottle $12.50


We also brought in Marvelous Marianne’s Skin Safer Barrier Skin Cream.  Apply it before you begin working.  Just takes a dab as its’ concentrated and work it into your skin.  It won’t hurt your art materials.  Makes for easy cleanup.   Your skin will fell great, not dry or cracked.  Made for palm compounds and peppermint.

Skin Safe Barrier Skin Cream 4oz jar: $10.50, natural peppermint scent

Marvelous Marianne’s website

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