We are beyond thrilled to have guest artist. Timothy M. Joe demo some of his favorite Ampersand products. Tim’s favorite subjects to paint are rural structures in landscapes, and he uses pastels and watercolors. Here is his Artist Satement:
“Art is my ministry. It is my calling to see beauty in common places and capture the scene.  I paint to show my appreciation of what God created and share what He put in my heart.  Everyday things that usually would not get a second glance can become beautiful works of art.  There is a message in every scene, whether it is a location, personal belonging, or building.  There are so many beautiful subjects that should have its place on my canvas or any other painting surface.  My mission is to capture these hidden treasures before time erases them completely.  I am compelled to show the younger generation of how life was and raise appreciation of what is often overlooked.”

Tim says his favorite subjects are rural structures in landscapes. He loves learning the history about his subject and gain the appreciation that helps him create meaningful art. He shares, “Creating a beautiful painting is nice, but painting the same scene with an understanding of the history is what I am after. I believe the backstory of my subject is just as important as the color I choose to paint.”

You don’t want to miss meeting Tim and seeing how he uses Ampersand to create beautiful art!

SATURDAY, APRIL 17 – 11:30AM – 2PM

Masks are required to enter Lowe Mill, and we will maintain social distancing, so the number of people inside the store will be limited. This is a come-and-go event to give everyone who is interested a chance to attend.

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