The Art Cart will have two specials for January 2017.

The first special is a free 1 oz  Original B&J “The Masters”®” brush cleaner and preserver with the purchase of $20 of brushes. The Art Cart carries a range of brushes for oil, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed-media including Silver Brush Black Velvet, Zen, Bristlon, Rapyal Sabletek and SNAP.


“The Masters”® cleaner and preserver free with purchase of $20 worth of brushes.


This brush cleaner removes oils, acrylics, watercolors, stand and varnished and helps prevent paint build-up in the ferrule. “The Masters”® works beautifully on the finest sable and bristle brushes, and it makes painting with nylon and synthetic brushes a snap. It conditions the brush to hold more color and helps lay down a smoother more even flow.









The second special for the month of January is buy any Holbein heavy body acrylic paint and get a free 4′ x 5″ deep edge canvas.

In May 2013, Holbein introduced  a completely re-engineered line of artist acrylic with a113 color palette.

Get a free 4″ x 5″ deep edge canvas with the purchase of a Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic

Utilizing the best traditional organic pigments as well as the latest and the most up to date inorganic pigments, Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic affords the user seamless and effortless mixing and thinning.

Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic has a unique texture similar to that of extra fine oils. The acrylic body is brushable and will retain any peaks or ridges created when applied in thick applications.

With its longer working time, extensive color selection, superior covering power, enhanced lightfast ratings and affordable price, Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic is a great addition to your art supplies.

Abstract Artist Mark Mehaffey compares Holbein Heavy Body Acrylics to other acrylics on the market.  Artist Mark Mehaffey’s review of Holbein Heavy Body Acrylics


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