Golden mediums, gels and paste give artists multiple ways to add texture and finishes. Gels are available in five consistencies, from Extra Heavy to Soft, and in three finishes; gloss, matte and semi-gloss. Gels can be used as an adhesive in mixed media as it is basically a colorless acrylic. Gels can also be used to change the finish of a painting, create a glaze and change the finish.

Mediums are very useful and there is a wide variety of them, which can be used to extend acrylic colors, regulate create glazes, transparency, increase gloss, thin paint, or improve adhesion and film integrity.

Think of paste as another way to extend your creativity! Add all kinds of textures and effects can be achieved with pastes.

We have a great display board with many of these products and paint so you can see the actual effects, just ask one of our staff when you come in.

All of our Golden mediums, gels and pastes are 30% off this month!