Did you know that Heavy Body paints were Golden’s first product? This is pure painting pleasure; no fillers, extenders, toners, dyes or opacifiers, just luscious, buttery pigments. Something else you may (or may not) know about the Heavy Body paints: there are no matting agents, so each color will have its own amount of gloss; the more pigment there is, the more opaque the finish, while colors that have less pigment due to the reactivity will dry glossier.

Golden Fluid colors are just as intense ad Heavy Body, but are perfect for dry brushing, fine details, pouring, spraying, staining and much more. No additives or water are used to make these paints flow. Try them to tint gels, mediums and gesso.

So how do you know what the finish will be on any Golden paint? Check out this hand chart which shows you not only how glossy or matte it will dry to, you can also check the opacity and more info. Click here to see the chart.