The Art Cart Partners and Manager went to one of our art supply distributors sales events in November.  There were many cool products.  However, the one that made my watercolorist’s heart go pitty-pat was the new L’Aquarelle Canson Heritage Watercolor Paper..  This stuff is a big jump up in watercolor paper.  We ordered and waited…  And waited…  But the wait is finally over!  L’Aquarelle Canson Heritage Watercolor Paper is now in stock at The Art Cart.  We have a sample out with a brush and some paint so you can experience this paper for yourself.


What makes this paper so special?  A new sizing that allows the colors to dry more brilliantly then other papers and one that will let you lose a hard edge long have its set on other papers.  Do you get the feeling I love this paper!  I’m not the only one…


“It holds the edge of the brushstroke…sharp edges! Intensity of color remains intact through the stroke. Transparent washes were easily controlled. “Tricia Wente, Bloomington (IN) Watercolor Society member, Professional Artist

“I need a paper that lets me make changes as I paint, and takes abuse without wearing out. This paper does that better than others. “Annie Strack, Professional Artist

It comes in hot, cold, and rough press and 140- and 300-lb versions.

Canson L’Aquarelle Heritage Paper- learn more about it

Review of Canson Heritage Paper

Come on by and try it out!

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