This month’s product spotlight is Daniel Smith watercolors. 

Daniel Smith started to make his own ink in 1976 in Seattle, WA. The company started by making oil paints. The first line of unique and pure Extra Fine™ Watercolors were released in 1993. Today, Daniel Smith Inc. has the widest range of watercolors in the world. There are 261 colors across three lines of watercolors, pan sets, and watercolor sticks.

Daniel Smith watercolors are carefully inspected for performance qualities such as color value, vibrancy, particle size, and density. This ensures artists receive only the highest quality paints. 

The wide range of watercolor products gives artists room to experiment. They can try these products with different mediums, projects, and creative processes. Watercolor sticks and dot cards might be more convenient for the artist on the go. Pan sets can be a more affordable way to allow beginning artists to experiment with the medium. These quality paints help artists do what they want to do, no matter the project. 

Below is an informational video from the Daniel Smith YouTube channel which demonstrates how to use one of these products, the watercolor stick.

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