Product of the Month

Yarka Watercolors

Yarka watercolors by Jack Richeson. Don’t let the packaging fool you – these are saturated and MOIST, yep not dry. I guarantee you’ve never been more impressed with what’s supposed to be a student grade watercolor paint! They’re the item of the week – maybe even the month! Available in 8,10, and 12 color sets.…

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Cheep Acrylic Paints

Cheep Acrylic Colors

Yes they’re new! Yes it’s good paint! Don’t let the name fool you. It’s the new competition for BASICS acrylic paint, but with more saturated color – you’re gonna love it! Come in and check it out. You’ve just gotta! #fineartsupplies #artsupplies #acrylicpaint #lowemillarts

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