We love Ampersand surfaces for pastels. The Pastelbord is made so that it can support pastels alone or mixed with other media, including oils or acrylics. Our friends at Ampersand have these tips for using Pastelbord:

“It is easy to combine painting techniques with also dry drawing techniques for diverse and interesting surface control using this tip. Lay down a watercolor or acrylic wash before using your pastels. Either work over the washed surface while wet or after it has dried. For blending, use a wet brush to go back in and soften edges and blend colors.

For maximum detail, try using pastel pencils in the finishing stages. The color of the panel may be altered by applying light washes of acrylic paint or by airbrushing a new color over the surface.

To save your expensive soft pastels, start your piece using hard pastels and then cover with the soft pastels. You will use less pigment this way and achieve great results.”

We’d love for you to try this surface for your next project, so this weekend only, when you purchase any Ampersand product, we’ll gift you with a free Pastelbord sample (as long as we have them on hand!)