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Yarka Watercolors

Yarka WatercolorsYarka watercolors by Jack Richeson. Don’t let the packaging fool you – these are saturated and MOIST, yep not dry. I guarantee you’ve never been more impressed with what’s supposed to be a student grade watercolor paint! They’re the item of the week – maybe even the month!

Available in 8,10, and 12 color sets. Oh, and did I say how reasonably priced they are? Stop by and pair them with a package of artist tiles or a watercolor journal for your favorite creative person.

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Cheep Acrylic Paints

Yes they’re new! Yes it’s good paint! Don’t let the name fool you. It’s the new competition for BASICS acrylic paint, but with more saturated color – you’re gonna love it! Come in and check it out. You’ve just gotta! #fineartsupplies #artsupplies #acrylicpaint #lowemillarts Continue Reading